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Artist Statement

When I create art, I set out to create work that is eye catching and unique. By using markers as my main medium, my drawings contain a vivid amount of color. I achieve the most success in this medium while the markers interact with fiber, most commonly canvas. I like to play with the concept of people's general perception of what art should be. To me, art needs to become something that ordinary people can relate to. Because art should not be always be a separate experience from an average person's daily life, I wish to take my art away from the gallery scene and integrate it into items that play a role in daily life. I believe it is vital for art to be a part of every person's life, and I intend to contribute to this need by reaching those who do not attend galleries or directly reach out to art. There should be no shame in creating something that can be easily accessed by the average person. It is because of this that drawing on canvas shoes is a large portion of my work.

In my work, I address themes of industrial versus the natural, the effects of mass media, the transformation of the human in the age of technology, imagination and our relationship with animals. I achieve this by using reoccurring motifs, selective vibrant colors, and images of contrasting cities versus nature. I commonly use cityscapes in my work, which sometime reference Denver, but other times are more general. Yet, my work as a body does not offer a clear message, as it illustrates my internal conflict of both love and hate for the city that I have developed living next to Denver for the first 18 years of my life. This aspect also allows room for the viewer to formulate his or her own opinions on industrialization through the different faces I portray.

As I progress as an artist, I hope to continue to challenge perceptions of the purpose of art and create work that offers different perspectives of the progressing world. My strengths lie in my use of detail, the emphasis on the element of line, and the intense amount of color I wish to contribute to the world, which create a style that appeals to street culture. Art can be for everyone and I intend to prove it.