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Studio Art

Art is a necessary part of the human experience. While some people actively make art part of their life by attending galleries or other art events, many do not. The people who do not actively participate in art culture are my target audience. By using common materials such as shredded paper or newspaper, I intend to make art more approachable and familiar to the average person.

In my work, I address themes of industrial versus the natural, the effects of mass media, the transformation of the human in the age of technology, imagination and our relationship with animals. I find the city, a monument of industrialism, a primary source of inspiration. Yet, my work as a body does not offer a clear message, as it illustrates my internal conflict of both love and hate for the city that has developed while growing up next to Denver. This aspect also allows room for the viewers to formulate their own opinions on industrialization through the different faces I portray. My work serves as a spark to a conversation rather than an ending. The idea of industrialism is paired with the ideas of sustainability and direction of our future as a society in my work. My work focuses on the human impact on nature, including that on organisms and the landscape.

I explore these themes through a variety of drawing in both traditional and non-traditional ways. I find traditional categories of art limiting and strive to create without boundaries. As I progress as an artist, I hope to continue to challenge perceptions of the purpose of art and create work that offers different perspectives of the progressing world. My strengths lie in my use of detail, repurposing common materials, the emphasis on the element of line, and the interplay of color I wish to contribute to the world. Art can be for everyone and I intend to make that happen.