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Artist Bio

Christiana Lambert is a Colorado-born artist whose art reflects both the natural landscapes of her home state, as well as the cityscapes of its largest communities. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO in May 2015 with a 3.5 GPA. She completed basic art studies in areas such as fibers, printmaking, metals, and film photography before being accepted into the competitive, three-level, twelve-person drawing program. She spent her first year of college studying Business Art at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO.

She believes art is a necessary part of the human experience but realizes not all people actively make art part of their lives by visiting galleries or participating in art culture. She chooses to expand art beyond the gallery in order to reach the people who do not actively pursue the visual arts in their activities. Using common materials, such as shredded paper, newspapers, Sharpie markers, and ballpoint pens, she makes art more approachable and familiar to the average person. She also integrates art into everyday objects such as cell phone cases and wearable items.

Lambert has been embellishing canvas shoes since December of 2007. Since then she has customized over seventy shoes, ranging from small baby shoes to size 14 Chuck Taylor Converse high tops, using Sharpie markers to create colorful canvas masterpieces. The shoes are custom-designed following input from the customer regarding themes, subjects, colors, and other elements. She believes that shoes are ideal for showcasing personal expression. Not only do they provide the wearer with joy but they also bring art to all those who see the shoes.

Other types of work include 3-D pieces made from media such as paper mache, clay, cardboard, sticks, and sculpted shredded paper. Also she cuts paper to create reductive paper art and stencils. She uses stencils with spray paint, airbrush paint, screen printing ink, and applies to surfaces such fibers, walls, and papers.

Her work beyond shoes addresses themes of industrial versus the natural, the effects of mass media, the transformation of the human in the age of technology, imagination and human relationship with animals. The idea of industrialism is paired with the ideas of sustainability and direction of our future as a society in her work, which focuses on the human impact on nature, including that on organisms and the landscape.

A primary source of inspiration for her is the city, which derives from her experience growing up next to Denver, CO. Nature, especially the mountains, also provides influence for her works. Her body of work illustrates an internal conflict of both love and hate for the city, which allows the viewers to formulate their own opinions of industrialism through interpreting the different faces she portrays. The work serves to spark a conversation rather than an ending.

Lambert also has experience in film and digital photography. She has professionally photographed portraits, several weddings, and products for companies. Her artistic photography ranges from a strong emphasis in macro photography to landscapes, action photography, and light painting. She uses Adobe Photoshop for editing for practical and artistic purposes.

Achievements include her solo BFA capstone show, “Familiarity,” May/June 2015. In 2014, Lambert was selected to create a live drawing for a video for Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO. She served as an intern for Hanna Hooly Studios in 2012, where she assisted in artist preparation, procuring materials, creating/photographing works, and promoting/assisting with sales.